YOU WEREN'T THERE VOL.1/ Live 7" on Amphetamine reptile is


ok, everyone; we did a 7" with one of our favorite labels, Amphetamine Reptile; it's (almost) all of a live set from Grumpy's bar on 12/05/2015. the 7" is so cool it's painful: screen printed cover by HAZE XXL, an 8 page/ 2 color booklet by Dale/TOOTH (and printed, folded and stapled by us), red splatter on clear vinyl, a free download code, and nineteen minutes of "music" (the download even includes the "encore") recorded by our pal Ben Durrant. they ARE AVAILABLE NOW, and you can get them at the AmRep store, SHOXOP. need i mention that there aren't many of them? well, i'm mentioning it. see, look here and understand why all the other 7"s are jealous:

ok, and one more quick thing: on the "WHAT?!?" page we typed out when we started this thing (that everybody thought was too long, even though it takes less than 2 minutes to read, which i know because i timed it) it says "WE'RE NEVER MAKING AN ALBUM". some people took that to mean "never doing a physical release". i understand the confusion, but that was never our, uh...intent. what we MEAN by that is we're never making an ALBUM; you know-- spend weeks of your life and a ridiculous amount of money to go in and meticulously craft this recording, then it gets promoted and sold and blah blah blah.

and, look-- that's perfectly fine. we like good ALBUMS as much as anyone else. but, you know, the whole thing came from "this song is a hit on the radio, let's pad it out with a bunch of weak shit so we can get more money", and then eventually turned into an ARTISTIC STATEMENT, where all the songs mattered, and then we sort of ended up with it just being...the thing you do. get 9 to 11 songs, make a record. maybe it's a big statement, maybe just a collection of songs (or maybe it's one of those bloated, stupid records where the band thinks they have to "make a statement", when actually all they got is 2 good songs and a bunch of...bah. BAH!!!).

but it's 2016 and...why? physical releases are coughing up dust, and let's face it-- it's not the way people generally engage with music anymore. anyway, the point here is-- we're just releasing songs as we got em. they're not even "EP's". we're just putting them up as they get finished. that's it that's all. trying to "make an album" feels like trying to hit a ghost with a frying pan, for us. but making weird little limited art objects? heck yeah.

plus, we promised to only do stupid things, and only doing physical releases for unedited live shows? that's hilarious.

so hopefully we'll do more of them.

THIS ONE, though--AmRep is, and always has been, one of the great labels (and of course they were down with the stupidity of this particular item), and it's awesome to work with them on this single. we might have some for sale here and on the Bandcamp site eventually, but you never know.

ok thanks everyone.

best, us.

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