VOL. 2 is live (also, WE HAVE PAYPAL)


ok everybody, here it is. enjoy.

our friend Karl helped us set up Paypal buttons, so now we have that, too! that's the good news; bad news is that both Stripe and Paypal take $.30 off the top, which is kind of ridiculous on a $4 item. so we bumped it up to $4.25 to cover (most of) that. wish we didn't have to.

we're going to have shirts up real soon, too.

now, i know we said "all live, all the time, and we'll tell you if we cheat". so here i am, full disclosure...we played all 3 of these songs live in the old practice space, but *cough cough* SOMEBODY didn't quite have the lyrics done for Mr. Sunshine, so we just played it through to get it on tape. then, listening back, we realized we weren't ever going to play it better than that, and Ben Durrant's recording of it was (as usual) awesome, so i (this is zak by the way) went in and banged the vocals out right before we mixed it. no headphones, just yell and yell and yell.

so listen, goddamn it: we are from minneapolis. it's where we live, and all of us are, in general, pretty fond of it.

not right now, though.

there's a song on here called "I'm A Cop" that was actually written about me telling my son to "get a haircut". it's sort of a joke, but at the same time it's not. it's about when you hold the "power" in a situation and using that power to MAKE people "see it your way"-- and whether it's me and my son (in little ways) or cops/pricks in north minneapolis (in huge, awful ways), it's fucking bullshit.

the situation in our city at present...it's unbelievable, and fucking terrible. white supremacists shooting people in a nonviolent protest? this is just insane. 

and it's not just minneapolis, and it's not just today. 

feels weird posting saying "hey! here's our new loud, angry songs!" with all this shit going on, but maybe loud angry songs about trying not to be a dick isn't such a bad thing, right now.